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    Posted at May, 17 2019
    Regina thank you and attorney Ron . Your review made my day a lot better . k
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    Oriental Square
    Karriann Seifert
    Posted at May, 16 2019
    WOW!!! DELICIOUS!!!! Fresh ingredients, friendly service and fabulous owner (originally from Flushing, Queens....horray New York!) was amazing! Hi Linda!!!!! We loved chatting with you!!!!! The egg rolls were HOMEMADE! Not greasy! The sauce on the se...
  • Posted at May, 14 2019
    Fantastic. We just wanted to say a big thank you to Maria and Lennon. They are super nice and helpful. Those that have put negative comments should know that process and payments are made clear at the time of the booking. Some Villas are a little...
  • Posted at May, 13 2019
  • Posted at May, 12 2019
    Great working experience, nice people in Kissimmee
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    The Boneyard
    Posted at May, 11 2019
    An amazing area for kids to run. One way in and one way out makes this less stress with free runners. Lots of slides, soft ground and a fun Dino Dig area.

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